Dry bulks 

More than 40 million tonnes of dry bulks are handled by ABP and our partners each year.

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The handling of dry bulks is one of the mainstays of our business.

Together with our customers, ABP handles a diverse range of dry bulks, such as agribulks, biomass, coal, cement, aggregates, powdered chemicals, and ball clay.

ABP directly operates facilities to handle these cargoes as well as offering a diverse range of specialist companies with dedicated facilities located within most of the 19 ABP ports handling dry bulks.

The importance of supporting road and rail infrastructure to ports handling bulk cargoes is key in the efficient port-to-door transport solution, and no other location exemplifies the importance of such infrastructure as at Immingham, where there are more than 250 train movements a week handling, in particular, coal imports for key power generators.

Eighteen ABP ports are rail connected, and, together, they generate nearly 100 freight train movements each day.

The state-of-the-art Humber International Terminals – HIT 1 & 2 – at the Port of Immingham allows cargoes of up to 100,000 tonnes to be discharged and stored in dedicated compounds.

Our commercial team would be pleased to put together a package of port facilities tailored for your business in our unique network of 21 ports.

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