ABP Bye-Laws

ABP is the Statutory Harbour Authority for a number of ports and harbours located around the UK. Each port or harbour has its own bye-laws. These are local laws for the regulation and administration of the port or harbour concerned. As a general rule, the bye-laws set out the powers of the harbour master and provide for the orderly control of such matters as navigation, mooring and handling of goods and cargo. Bye-laws are made by the Statutory Harbour Authority (ABP or its predecessors) using delegated powers originally conferred by Act of Parliament.

ABP Port Rules 2016

Ayr Harbour Bye-Laws

Barrow Bye-Laws 1985

Barry Docks Bye-Laws

Cardiff Bute Docks (Regulation of Vehicles) Bye-laws 1982

Cardiff Dock and Harbour Bye-Laws 2003

Fleetwood Harbour and Docks Bye-Laws 1982

Garston Docks (Traffic Control) Bye-Laws 1980

Garston Docks Bye-Laws 1911

Grimsby Docks (Regulation of Vehicles) Bye-Laws 1979

Grimsby Docks Bye-Laws

Hull Docks Bye-Laws 

Humber Navigation Bye-Laws 1990

Immingham Dock Bye-Laws

Immingham Docks (Regulation of Vehicles) Bye-Laws 1979

Ipswich Bye-Laws 1996

King's Lynn Docks Bye-Laws

Lowestoft Harbour Bye-Laws 1993

Newport Alexandra Dock Bye-Laws

Newport Alexandra Dock Additional General Bye-Laws

Newport Alexandra Dock Supplementary Bye-Laws

Plymouth Great Western Docks Bye-Laws

Port Talbot Bye-Laws

Port Talbot Supplementary Bye-Laws

Silloth Bye-Laws

South Wales Ports (Regulation of Vehicles) Bye-Laws 1982

Southampton Harbour Bye-Laws 2003

Swansea Harbour Bye-Laws 1924

Swansea Harbour Additional Bye-Laws 1971

Teignmouth Bye-Laws 1951

Troon Harbour Bye-Laws